IoTree is a Hong Kong based IT services company that specialises in IoT Services. We believe that IoT revolutionise all aspects of every industry in the near future, re-defining every single concepts of how businesses operates: from business insights and customer experience, to efficiencies and productivity. Our team consists of professionals from not only the field of IoT, but also from the field Telecommunication, Network Security, Network Infrastructure, and Software Development to ensure IoTree provides the most all-rounded solution to your IoT journey.


IoTree envision to accelerate the development of IoT Application of IoT application in all aspects of daily lives by exploring and combating every challenges today


IoTree's mission is to build integrated IoT ecosystems for our clients, and incorporating the ecosystems into our client's operations to maximise their operational efficiency


IoTree provides the best integrated IoT solution to our clients, leveraging on our dedicated tam of technology experts, developers, and designers

Our extensive experience in end-to-end IoT, IIoT, M2M technologies, network/communication technologies, application management, cloud, analytics, and automation frameworks enable our customers in building new business models and realizing value from their IoT and digital transformation journey.

We offer system integration services for City, Campus, Home, Hotel & Building automation in the domestic market under the brand nameĀ IoTree.