IoTree Smart Solutions

IoTree leverages on our team's expertise and IoT technologies, providing integrated smart solutions that cater every needs of our client.

Smart Building

IoTree emphasis on using technology to enable efficient and economical use of resources, while creating a safe and comfortable environment for occupants, including residential, shopping mall and office etc. Our smart building solution applied IoT technology to integrate various digital residential devices into one automation and management system.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT Technology could be designed to analyse the condition of equipment and help predict when maintenance should be performed. This technology allow maintenance team schedule the corrective maintenance in advance before devices breakdown to optimize cost-efficiency and equipment’s lifespan to their fullest.

Facility Management

IoTree Smart Building Management Solution provides mobile booking system that user can reserve public facility or rentable devices, also able to finish payment if needed. Moreover, user able to leave their feedback about the facility to the management team to follow up. For management team, they can monitor the usage of those assets to estimate the maintenance time.

Digital Twins

A digital representation of a physical object, process or service. It can be used to replicate processes in order to collect data to predict how they will perform. IoTree’s Digital Twins technology is mainly designed for Property industry. Property buyer could walk through the property and process interior design in advance digitally.

Smart Hygiene

IoTree provide online portal and IoT technologies for hygiene devices. Our signature smart hygiene solutions are: Rodent Control Solution, Air quality management, water resource management and sanitation supplies management.

Energy Saving

IoTree provides trends, analyses, and insights on energy consumption patterns with IoT technologies. Our Energy Management Solutions allow client to understand their energy consumption pattern and find out potential improvements on energy usage through automation of facilities.


IoTree utilises IoT components including sensors and gateways, coupled with portals and apps, for maximised control and efficiency of our client.


Key success factor for any IoT implementation is the ability to collect data through devices and transfer the collected data to the cloud server through secure connection. IoTree develop IoT Gateway that collect data with RS232, RS485, WiFi and ethernet with cellular uplink to the Internet. Our Gateway is highly optimised for commercial deployment in large volumes, up to the scale for domains like remote monitoring of telecom mobile towers etc.


IoTree offer a wide range of IoT sensors & devices, catering all sorts of environments and situations. Common sensors includes door sensor, water leakage sensor, Infra-Red sensor, environment sensor, location tracking, facility checking, power monitoring, and space utilization, etc. Our IoT sensors leverage on connectivity technologies such asi Zigbee, Zware, Lora, Sigfox, NBIOT, and 5G.