IoTree Smart Solutions

IoTree leverages on our team's expertise and IoT technologies, providing integrated smart solutions that cater every needs of our client.

Smart Campus Platform

IoTree Smart Campus Platform Solutions in a online, centralised intelligent campus management portla and mobile application. End-users are able to interact automatically with integrated systems under configuration. The solution provides automates end-user experiences through smart settings and interaction with campus devices / facilities that are connected to an open and coordinated intelligent ecosystem. The solutions provide insights for future decision making based on data collect from the environment, users, and processes with the help of installed IoT devices.

Smart Hotel Platform

IoTree Smart Hotel Platform Solutions come along with a management portal and a mobile app for both employees and customers of our clients. The solution optimises the operating efficiency of hospitality industry with the help of IoT technology and IT skills. The Smart Hotel Platform Solutions help our clients in managing their operations, from customer registration to facilities management, they are all only few clicks away.

Smart Building Platform

IoTree Smart Building Platform enhances property management efficiencies by integrating systems such as heating, air conditioning, and lighting, etc. into one automation and management system. Customers can also benefit from the mobile application, controlling devices in their room through a few clicks on the app. Functions include smart home appliance control, video door camera, room access control, facility booking and an extensive network of app API.

Location Tracking Platform

IoTree smart location tracking platform connecting device that transmits information in real time through a dedicated connectivity network, it allows to Track location by GPS. The data is shown according to a predetermined configuration in order to attend or act in specific situations.

Smart Working Space Platform

IoTree Smart Working Space Platform enhance working efficiency and productivity, and office space flexibility and utilisation through adaptation of IoT in office settings. The Smart Working Space Platform supports conference room booking services, automatic facility control, and workspace utilisation management. End-users will be able to better utilise space and time to acheive higher working efficiency and productivity.

People Counting Platform

Iotree People counting platform is connect to a device to Detect and count proximal footfall in real time through or past your assets or locations to improve targeting, servicing or safety of customers, staff or other personnel.


IoTree utilises IoT components including sensors and gateways, coupled with portals and apps, for maximised control and efficiency of our client.


Key success factor for any IoT implementation is the ability to collect data thorugh devices and transfer the collected data onto the cloud server through secure connection. IoTree developed an IoT Gateway that collect data with RS232, RS485, WiFi and Ethernet with cellular uplink to the Internet. Our Gateway with its highly optimised for commercial deployment in large volumes, up to the scale for domains like remote monitoring of telecom mobile towers etc.


IoTree offer a wide range of IoT sensors & devices, catering all sorts of environments and situations. Common sensors includes door sensor, water leakage sensor, Infra-Red sensor, environment sensor, location tracking, facility checking, power monitoring, and space utilization, etc. Our IoT sensors leverage on connectivity technologies such asi Zigbee, Zware, Lora, Sigfox, NBIOT, and 5G.